What Should be the Parents’ Role When the Teens Learn to Drive?

What Should be the Parents’ Role When the Teens Learn to Drive?

What Should be the Parents’ Role When the Teens Learn to Drive?
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It’s a nerve-wrecking experience for the parents when their teenage children learn to drive. They know all the expected and unexpected risks and danger of driving on the roads. So, it’s bound to be scary seeing your kid behind the car wheel. That’s why you should intervene because you can give your teen plenty of driving lessons at this learning stage

What Roles Should the Parents Play When the Teens Learn to Drive?

The American Automobile Association (AAA) conducted a survey in August 2016 on 142 driving instructors. Nearly two-thirds of them thought parents to be the worst trainers for the teenage drivers. Many of them also thought parents don’t invest enough time in driver education. So, don’t be such a parent! Find out your roles when your teen child starts learning driving.

Teach safe driving practices

A discussion session about the standard safety procedures of driving on the road at the beginning will be helpful. It will give your teen an idea about what to expect and what not to do while driving. Besides, you should teach how to handle when faced with an unexpected situation.

Learn To Drive
Explain her the safe driving practices.

Show safe driving techniques

After the verbal session, it’s time to display. Go to a place where you can practice without any interruptions. Take the driver’s seat and explain your kid each and every function. For example, when slowing down, show the proper way to shift gears. Explain every activity and the role of all the switches, livers, and accessories.

Moreover, it’s important to teach the teen driver about the importance of distraction-free driving. You should also prepare her for the unexpected situations such as what to do if the break fails suddenly or an animal jumps in front of the car.

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Don’t make negative comments

As a parent, the right thing to do to your child is to encourage her, not to demotivate with negative remarks. So, don’t be too judgmental when you are helping your kid learn to drive. If she is making a mistake, sweetly tell her what she is doing wrong and what the correct procedure is. Also, don’t forget to give compliments for making progress.

Teach defensive approach

Teens are full of an adrenaline rush. They get excited at everything – whether it’s playing a game or learning a new skill. For this reason, you should teach her that it’s the best thing to be defensive at times to avoid great risks.

driver education
Warn your child about the dangerous driving practices.

Explain the high-risk conditions

Warn your child about the conditions when driving could be a dangerous job to do. Strictly forbid her to drive under the alcohol and drugs. These things impair the vision and cloud the judgment of a person, none of which is ideal for driving.

Also, warn her about involving in street racing, driving at high speeds, and taking so many passengers because they can be distracting. In addition, don’t let her drive at night or in bad weather until she shows some serious skills.

The girl practice driving with her mom support!


As a parent, you should have patience and showed empathy while assisting your teen child to learn to drive. Being a qualified driver, you certainly get a lot of useful tips to pass driving test. So now it’s time to impart them to your child . You should make her aware of safe driving practices and encourage her to become a skilled and responsible driver.

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