How to Import Cars to Kenya

How to Import Cars to Kenya

How to Import Cars to Kenya
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Importing cars in Kenya has become quite popular, as the prices are quite attractive for cars on the sale. Although it might be a daunting process, but is still in demand among those who would like to have personal transport for the daily commute. However, what puts off many people is the lengthy process and fee involved in bringing your favorite car model to the country. But, one can quickly bring their favorite car model if they know how to import cars to Kenya.

How to Import Cars to Kenya

The process of importing a car takes place online, which mostly robs the person of a chance to check out the car physically and look for any damage. One does not have the opportunity to drive the car and measure its performance. There have been instances where people robbed of their money. It is the reason why many people avoid getting cars imported to Kenya.

There are some simple steps, which can make it easier for you to import cars to Kenya without any hassle.

Choose a Manufacturer and Brand

Before you decide to place the order for your favorite car model to import to Kenya, we recommend you instead look for a known car seller website. Next, you need to identify the car, which you would like to purchase, including the information about its year of manufacture and brand name. It is a crucial step to consider for those who want to know how to import cars to Kenya.

It is crucial to knowing how to import cars to Kenya
A visit to the manufacturer website would be helpful

Right Documents Matter

We recommend you take the Purchase Order (PO) from the car seller. The PO includes a request from the final buyer to get a Proforma Invoice. Moreover, accept the Motor Sale Agreement Contract by sending cash to the bank account of the car seller. In the majority of cases, you would need to remit some money via telegraphic transfers.

Send the Documents

Now, you would need to scan the transfer form and submit the same to the seller. However, the seller would then let you know via email, claiming the car is ready to be imported to Kenya. It will take a week for the car inspection and send the vehicle to the loading bay.

Next, the car seller might ask you to confirm the shipping address and copies of proof the vehicle belongs to you. It is another tip to consider when looking considering used cars in Kenya.

Documents are important for knowing how to import cars to Kenya
The car seller will inform the customer via email

KRA Agents Count

You would need to transfer the clearing services to a listed KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority). The importer will enlist the services of a clearing agent who will process the import documents via the Kenya Customs and clear the goods on your behalf. Customs will assess the duty payable depending on the value of the items and the applicable duty rate.

Additional Charges

After the clearing agent declares the vehicle with customs, then he would get a Tax Report, which is the duty payable on the import of a motor vehicle. Therefore, you need to pay the agent some agent a small fee, including port handling charges.

It is important to know how to import cars to Kenya
They would send a tax report


With that said, now you have understood the entire procedure on how to import cars to Kenya without any hassle. We hope this blog provided all the answers to your queries on the subject.

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