Cars for Driving Test – Things You Need to Know

Cars for Driving Test – Things You Need to Know

Cars for Driving Test – Things You Need to Know
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Most driving tests do not supply a car for a driving test. You must bring along your own vehicle for the test. But, your car for driving test must meet the desired obligations in order to avoid cancellation. Another important point to note is that if your vehicle does not come under the required standards, you will lose the booking fee too. The good news is that there are several ways to obtain a car for the practical test.

Driving Test in Your Own Car

You can use your own car for the test, provided the car meets the desired requirements under the concerned authority. Your examiner will ask you to sign a declaration, which states that the car is in appropriate condition and insured for a driving test. For any reason, if you are unable to sign this form, your test may terminate at that moment itself. However, you can even buy a car in case your vehicle does not fit the requirements. Used Subaru Impreza– a car loved by many for its exclusive features. You can buy such an efficient car to avoid cancellation of your practical test.

The car you want to take for the test must include the following:

  • A valid tax

  • Current and desired insurance

  • A working speedometer that measures in mph

  • Must not show engine management or warning lights

  • Should have 4 wheels and authorized mass (MAM) of less than 3,500 Kg

With cars which have safety fault record, you can only use them for driving if you have the proof with you showing the car is safe including the safety notice, recall document, stamped by the manufacturer or dealer or official or headed notepaper from the manufacturer or a dealer. Otherwise, your test will be called off and you can not take your paid fee back. Here is the model list with know safety faults:

NoModelReason for recallRecall issue date
1Citroen C1Steering failure28 Jun 2016
2Peugeot 108Steering failure28 Jun 2016
3Toyota AygoSteering failure28 Jun 2016
4Toyota YarisPotentially defective seat rail track and/or steering column mounting9 Apr 2014
5Vauxhall ADAMPotential steering problem29 Sep 2014
6Vauxhall Corsa DPotential steering problem29 Sep 2014

Driving Test in Your Driving Instructor’s Car

This is a good deal to nurture. Most people use a driving instructor’s car for their test. In fact, there is no harm in taking your own driving instructor’s car, as it will certainly comply with the desired requirements. Choosing the right car for driving test is crucial and taking any risk can create troubles. As you know, every car is different and so are its features. You will be confident and aware of all the features in your instructor’s car, as you have been practicing for months. Therefore, there are enough reasons why selecting the car of your instructor is wise. However, always keep more than one option to be on the safe side.

Buying a Car for the Driving Test

As soon as you book your test, find a local instructor to help you book a car. This decision will be better if you are already willing to buy a new car. Once you buy a car, practicing on your car is an ideal thing to do. Even used cars are good enough for the practical driving test. Not every time you shall invest too much when buying a possession. Some cars are available at low prizes and other exciting deals with commendable features. Honestly, there is no harm in buying a used car.

What if you take a test with a sports car!

Before selecting a car for driving test, make sure that it complies with all the desired requirements. Your examiner will have a look at the car; make sure it has everything that makes it perfect for a practical driving test.

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