Essential Rules to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Essential Rules to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Essential Rules to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe
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In many countries, car is the main transportation for everyone, from adults to teenagers. Unlike the grow ups, teen drivers are tend to be more clueless, reckless and careless, partly because they are still young and inexperienced. But worry not! In this article, we will show you the safety rules to keep your teen driver safe.

6 Rules To Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

 No Alcohol or Drugs

You might think this is the obvious rule, yet one third of fatal crashes a year is by drunk drivers.

Even when many teens are not legally drinking, alcohol are still one of the most common reason for four-wheel crashes. About 20 percent of accident was from drunk teenagers behind the wheel. In order to keep your teen driver safe, insist on no drugs and no drinking!

Seat Belts All The Time

According to the report from NHTSA, only 77% of drivers ages 16 to 23 years old wear seat belts. This is sadly the lowest rate among drivers in American.

To keep your teen driver safe, insist him or her buckle up all the journey. Not only prevent you from being ejected from the driver’s seat, seat belts also reduce the risk of being injured, as well as letting other safety device work perfectly.

Set A Good Driving Example

To be able to teach your kids, you must be a good driver first. After that, you can begin that behavior years before your teenagers want to grab the wheel. Don’t forget to be patient with your kids. They need a lot of time to develop his or her own good way of driving.

In order to have a good driving habits, car owners need to follow safety rules like buckling up while driving, maintaining a safe distance, obeying the speed limit,… and most importantly: No texting while driving!

Limit Passengers

This is the fact: Drivers are tend to be safer when they drive alone than having companies. With teen drivers who use four-wheel vehicles to travel friends after school, this is an very important rule. Keep in mind: Teenagers from the age of 15 to 18 with two or more passengers on car have eight fold more risk of accident than when they drive solo.

In order to keep your teen driver safe, limiting the amount of passengers on his/her car is very crucial. Not to mention driving alone will reduce the reckless behaviors like speeding.

Know the Safety Features and Crash-test Ratings

Remember, the size of the vehicle is essential, yet its performance during the event of an accident is even more important. The safety features like airbags, seat belts,.. along with crash-avoidance features like vehicle handles, brakes,… are the first thing to check before grabbing the wheel. Also, parent should install necessary devices like anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control system in order to keep your teen driver safe.

Newer car models tend to be safer than the older ones, yet you should find the right vehicles for your teen driver.

Set Basic Rules Of The Road

It is clear that you must follow your state’s licensing requirements and road laws. In here, we are talking about hidden rules that set by teen’s parents or supervisors. It might include the speed limit, the amount of passengers,…

After all, teen drivers are just like any other drivers, they need rules in order to be safe for themselves. In fact, having family driving rules even decrease 50% of crashing rates for teen. So be very clear about what your expectations and rules are, then use them to keep your teen driver safe .

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